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School Board Meeting: June 8BEC4139706/08/2015
School Board Meeting: May 26BEC4139505/26/2015
NOT SHOT School Board Study Session: May 18BEC4139405/18/2015
School Board Meeting: May 11BEC4139305/11/2015
Joint School Board & City Council MeetingBEC4290104/29/2015
School Board Meeting: April 27BEC4139104/27/2015
School Board Study Session: Apr. 20BEC4139004/20/2015
School Board Meeting: April 13BEC4138904/13/2015
School Board Meeting: March 23BEC4138603/23/2015
School Board Legislative Forum: March 21BEC4282603/21/2015
School Board Meeting: March 9BEC4138403/09/2015
School Board Meeting: Feb. 23BEC4138202/23/2015
School Board Study Session: Feb. 17BEC4138102/17/2015
School Board Meeting: Feb. 9BEC4138002/09/2015
School Board Meeting: Jan 26BEC4137801/26/2015
School Board Meeting: Jan 26BEC4270001/26/2015
School Board Study Session: Jan. 20BEC4137701/20/2015
School Board Meeting: Jan 12BEC4137601/12/2015
School Board Study Session: Jan. 5BEC4137501/05/2015
School Board Meeting/Study Session: Dec. 22BEC4137312/22/2014

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