Shoots Info (For current volunteers)

  • Check out the current Google Shoots Calendar ,sign up using Volunteer Spot or call the station at (952)681-5900.
  • Call Our Tech Hotline at (952)681-5910 to get late breaking information (Weather related cancellations, etc) on upcoming shoots.
  • Tech Info (For new volunteers)

    BEC-TV takes 7th grade and older student volunteers from Bloomington's public and private schools, as well as Bloomington home schooled students.

    Volunteers (we call 'em "techs") must attend one 2 1/2 hour orientation called BEC BASICS. Once you've been through Basics, you can volunteer as much - or as little - as you want. We see some techs once every couple of months, we see others every single day. Generally though, the more you're around, the more you learn, the more you learn, the more fun you have, the more fun you have, the more you wanna be around, the more you're around the more you learn... and the whole crazy cycle never ends!

    If you would like to volunteer, you must first download and fill out a Tech Profile Sheet.

    If there are no BEC BASICS sessions scheduled in the near future and you'd like to start volunteering right away, we may allow you to sign up as an "observer" on shoots. (Warning: You'll usually end up doing a lot more than just observing! ) For this you'll need to have your tech profile sheet turned in and talk to BEC-TV Director Tom Ringdal (952)681-5900